Last Sunday I had the pleasure to be part of a special project and to visit the beautiful park Coblenzl in the 19 distric of Vienna.
I felt in love with the whole atmosphere of this special Fashion Show of Susanne Bisovsky.

The Designer Susanne Bisovsky is a extraordinary Austrian artist with various facets, she is an exceptional person and an influencer of our time. Her design is derived from the traditional clothes and texturs. The dresses are all made with love by herself and I specially love the details and  the mix of different materials that she is using in her clothes. Floral design and lace are predominantly in her couture collection.
The Sun, hot weather, good music and a full picnic basket this are the best things for me during the summer time, what do you think? I hope I could show you a little part of this amazing time I had last week my Lovies.
* Pictures by Thomas Lerch| Fotograf
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