Yellow stands for summer, sun and life. Thats the first thing that comes to my mind when I think
of this bright color , but yellow is much more than that. For this spring/summer palette 2016, Pantone presents us Buttercup. A very pretty name for a color, I guess ;). Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum, and it can give you hope, happiness and desire. This color represent the optimistic and the creative aspects of life. Buttercup, this shade of yellow is a calm and sunny inspired color that transform us to a happier place. Yellow can also help you with a clear mind , this color loves new ideas and  is alsways enthusiastic. For buisness, you can use this color for product design, layouts and logos but for bussiness clothing is a lighter shade of yellow mixed with white color the perfect combination. For a casual way you can choose all kinds of yellow starting from vanilla, sand  to mustard yellow.
My favorite shade of yellow is definitly lemon (yellow) because it is bright,warm and happy at the same time and it helps me to clear my mind very quickly.

Colors next to Yellow are green, orange and red.
The Pantone color Buttercup yellow is a perfect mix with white, black and grey but if you like adventures you can go for rose pink and turquoise blue. Have fun Lovies.