The beginning of spring is a perfect time to show you
my Lovies a color trend called Snorkel blue. This shade of blue is a marine inspired blue, it plays in the navy family. This color transformes happiness and you feel relaxed. If you think about the blue color, you see the see, the sky and you smell the salty ocean, right ?! Snorkel blue is on of the typ of blue colors that also calm you down but you want to be still active. Lot of blue colors are cold and mystical but this shade is more dynamic and energetic. 
Blue is a quiet, honest and reserved color and it gives you security and confidence. Blue represent the communication, and self expression, this color needs a direction. It is not impulsive but it inspires our creativity. For summer months is a lighter version better. For buisness clothing is a classic marine to dark indigo color the perfect match and for a casual way you can choose all kind of blue colors starting from baby blue, azure blue to indigo blue.
My favorite shade of blue is turquoise because of the mix between green and blue and because it is closer to green. Tell me your favorite shade and how you combine it ?

Colors next to Blue are green and violett.
Blue is a first color next to yellow and red. The Pantone color Snorkel blue is a perfect mix with white, grey, sand and light nude or rose. But however you combine it, have fun with it. Colors are to play :).