We all love the the French Girl style, red lips a beret and a striped tee.
I especially love this look for my job uniform ( because it's so easy going) and for some holiday trips when I am at the sea ;). A Breton shirt is a wardrobe essential as a black blazer or a classic blue jeans. 

A typicall breton shirt is made of cotton and with (original) 21 stripes on it. So why 21 stripes ? Obviously because each stripes had a numercial function in the french military. The first time it was introduced in 1858 for the French navy and during 1917 Coco Chanel took a trip to the french rivera and  noticed it. She was so inspired by the sailors uniform that she  adopted the idea to her collection. 
So from this moment on the stiff fashion changed the face forever of our casual womenswear.

Here I am trying to give you some advice when I am looking for a striped shirt, so try this tips :)for your next shopping trip Lovies. 

1. Try to wear a classic striped shirt or sweater with a pair of your favourite jeans 
to look effortless chic and add some colorful accesoires to your outfit.
2. Combine some breton shirtdress with a belt for an easy look.
3. Always take attention to the fabric and the cut.
4. Try to layer the look with a oversize striped shirt and a blazer over it.
5. Wear it with different fabrics and colors to add a balance. 
For example wear it with some flower prints (to break the look) or 
for brave among you  add stripes on stripes.
*All Images are from Pinterest