I love structured clothes with a lay back attitude. The cut and the tailor of clothing is a strong statement so why not playing with it.
My personal favorite style idole is Maja Wyh. She is the Queen of Layering and of the Oversize-look, on her it looks so easy that you just want to style it similar, but caution it looks easier than it is. I will tell you some secrets how to style it and not to look like you drowning in your clothes. 

1. First of all go for one oversized item and create a focus point.
2. Play with some shapes, because oversize doesn't mean shapless.
3. Layer it with some different clothes, like jacket over an oversized blouse and so on :)
4. The outfit will look better with some high heels.
5. Show a little bit skin, for example a shoulder. It shifts the focus of the proportions.

Have fun with your oversized look/outfit. 
Let some comment below with your favorite Oversized Look ;).
Colorful kisses , Caroliny

*Pictures by Lydia Zitter

I am wearing
Mango Dress/ Cos Pants
Yves Saint Laurent Bag / Shoes Buffalo