Hello my Lovies, this post is all about my new jeans and how to choose your statement jeans
for every day. I love a new jeans update and now I found my perfect pair at Tally Wejil in Vienna Store at Mariahilferstrasse. Normally I am very ctitical when it comes to buy some pair of jeans, but this Modell is so lovely with this flowers application that I could not resist. Denim is more than a wardrobe classic and you should choose right.
If you decide to buy a new pair of jeans you should follow some details

1. The tailoring
2.The stiching
3.The color and the unique washing

So now you found your perfect jeans, the question is: How do I style it right and pretty cool in a classic way for every situation?
I always go for a classic black or dark blue(marine) blazer or a black leather jacket. You cann't do so much wrong with this composition. My advice for spring/summer is to add some color to your look. You can also add some hardware or to break up the classic look you can choose some fine jewellery. And when I want to add some fashion statement I am wearing high heels in black or nude.
Hope I could help you a little bit my Lovies.
Drop a comment below if you need more help.