1. Versus Versace Boyfriend jeans is a classic blue denim decorated with some flower painting for the spring/summer collection. This five pocket jeans has the Versus branding on the back of the waistband. It is very feminin and cool at the same time.
  2. Topshop Moto Oversize Boyfriend jeans comes with a slouchy fit and it is finished with a ballon leg. The material is cotton and very comfortable. For a small bugdet it is just a perfect balance.
  3. Yoins Star Boyfriend jeans is features the all-over star look. This denim rocks! And the price is hillarius.
  4. Tally Weijl MOM jeans with the typical high-waist cut. The five pocket style is good for ladies with a A type of body.
  5. Malory Ripped Mom Jeans are in the 90s style with a high-waist and loose fit. There have ripped holes and are perfect for summer, because of the very light color.
  6. Fendi Karlito Boyfriend jeans is the perfect mix between streetstyle look and the statement look. You can wear them classic and casual, it is for every day and night. This jeans has the classic five pocket look with the cropped leg.
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