Jeans are a part of any wardrobe
and I found my new jeans destiny, even on Sale when I was in Berlin Mitte for work. I learned very fast that to invest my money in a good pair of jeans is worth it. I learnt which brands to invest my money and also learnt to take more care of them. So for this look I decided to go with stripes and a classic blazer combin it with my new jeans that I bought form Twin-Set in Berlin, The Mall.
Here are some tips for You I have learnt along the way.

1. One of the worst things can happen to your jeans or denim is that they become after a time lose and out of shape. So for this dont't wash your jeans after every wear, wash only if needed. 
2. Wash, iron and dry it inside out, this will help you to protect the color.
3. For darker colored jeans, take a look to the washing instruction. You may have to hand wash to make sure the dye doesn't run out.

I would love to know any of your tips and how you go for some jeans and any brands.

I am wearing
Karl Lagerfeld Jacket Blazer / Zara Blouse
Levis Jeans / Shoes Buffalo