For today's look I'm wearing a little cute top I bought last year in Paris city, as the weather is pretty nice in Vienna at the moment, it's wonderful to play with the materials and textures. So for this styling I have chosen a black and white top and decided to go for a white Hallhuber skirt with a lot of fabric folds. The shoes are Melissa shoes x Karl Lagerfeld design, they are quiet comfortable and I like the simple but funny idea of a cat on the top. Today's Post is not only a style post, I'm talking also about some special shopping tips and where I bought this black and white cat top. When I'm in Paris I love to strolling around the city and find some new and interesting clothes , especially I'm looking for unique clothes. So last year I was very lucky to find this interesting street in Paris called Rue Saint-Denis. I found out that this street is the oldest street in Paris and it is between the Boulevard de Sebastopol and Boulevard Saint-Denis. The very interesting thing about it is that it is not a normal shopping street with a lot of shops, Short and Sweet: No it is a street where you can only go shopping if you are buyer or shop owner. So that is the glue, how can I go shopping there if I can not buy anything? Yes I have to say it was not so easy , but  it was worth it to trying my best and communicate with the sellers. I was very luck to find some shops that where so kind to me to sell me the sample. If you are around this Arrondissement in Paris just have a quick stop and take a look.
I am Wearing : 
  BLOUSE : Rebel 
SKIRT : Hallhuber 
      SHOES :  Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld 
 BAG : Sabrina Pilewicz