The color combination of black & white is classic and almost no fail. The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown and as a result it creates an air of mystery. Black is the absorption of all colors and the absence of light, what black covers, white uncovers. Different shades of black can be difficult to mix and match. Its all in the details when it comes to this style, the trick is to work with separates textures and materials. Lace is the perfect combination, it is very light and transparent and i love it. The contrast of all this different materials like lace, silk and leather makes this look so interesting. My key piece that i choose for this outfits is my gorgeous blouse that i bought in March in Paris at the Galerie Lafayette. The texture looks so special, because the first layer is leather and the second is lace.

Sending sunny  greetings to all of you 

I am Wearing : 
   BLAZERCapasca Vintage 
    JEWELLERY : Solar Company
BLOUSE : Derhy  
PANTS : Benetton 
       BAG : Sabrina Pilewicz
     SHOES :  Converse Chuck