I love when everything is blooming around me so I decided to go for a green color. It is a gorgeous way to add this color to your look for the spring and summer months. This time will show you my personal choice and how to mix this color well together with different colors.
Green color is the center of my look and I decided to mix it with a light blue blazer because it gives my outfit the right highlight. Blue and green are always a good idea, they are related so that is not a big contrast between this two colors. The color yellow and blue creates green and opposite to this warm color is red, orange and pink. It is quiet difficult to combinat this strong colors together, but if you go for a lighter version it will fit very well together.
Green is the color of spring and it is lovely if you mix this color with black, white or a grey because it will disappear in the background. The green tones can give you an inner peace and harmony, this color stays for balance and optimism. This is the reason why i feel so comfortable in it. 
Wish you a wonderful colorful time.


I am Wearing : 
   BLAZER : Zara  
JEWELLERY: Solar Company
   SHOES :  Prada