The periode between winter and summer is very grey and gloomy so for this reason i will show you my personal choice and a big trend, which is coming up this year 2015, the Pantone color 'Marsala'.
I prepared a special color report for you. Ther are many shades of red color and the latest color trend is a rich, earthy wine Bordeaux called Marsala (Pantone Color 18-1438). It is a gorgeous way to add this color to your look during the winter months. Marsala is a deep and warm color, it is a mix of red , brown and a hint of orange.The color is very positive, it is energizing the emotions and motivates us to take  some action. The red tones can give you self-confidence and power.It has a powerful effect on every part of our live without even saying a word.The color Marsala is the center of attention, so for my personal choice i am wearing different shades of red together. I have mixed my outfit with a black Neopren skirt to calm the colors together, so for example if you place a red color like Bordeaux or Marsala on a black background, it will glow with an fire, but if you put it on a white background it will show you less energy than with black. I will show you which pallett of colors best suit to this gorgeous color, like for example a dusty rose, burgundy, soft grey and  a strong black.
So have fun with mixing all this beautiful colors together.
I hope you like my trend report analysis and i could help you.
Wish you a wonderful colorful time.


I am Wearing
BLOUSE : Mango 
        SKIRT : Karl Lagerfeld
           SHOES :  What for Shoes 
         BAGSabrina Pilewicz